½ Shih-Tzu & ½ Poodle

Coat: Coat is long and soft, may be straight, wavy, or slightly curly, and can come in a variety of colors such as black, white, gray, brown, or apricot.  Can be solid, sabled, parti, or brindle.  Very low shedding.

Many people with allergies prefer a poodle mix dog as their fur is more hypoallergenic than most dogs (a characteristic inherited from the Poodle).


A Shih-Poo) is a mix between a Shih-Tzu and a Poodle.  They come in a variety of colors, rarely shed, and are quite small, weighing in the range of 7 – 15 pounds, and standing 8 – 11 inches tall.  They are a sturdy, well-proportioned dog that is athletic, playful and loving.  Since the Shih-Poo requires only a moderate amount of exercise, and are not excessive barkers, they are perfect for apartment living.  Most are very friendly and gentle and will make a great family dog, lap dog, or companion for the elderly.  They get along well with children and other pets.  Where the Shih-Tzu may have breathing problems due to their short snouts, the Shih-Poo can tend to bypass this problem inheriting a slightly longer snout from its Poodle parent.  Due to their long coats they will require frequent grooming.  Since they are very intelligent they can be trained fairly easily.

If you are considering a Shih-poo puppy you have made a great choice! Beloved the world over, this breed of furry friend is very likeable, sociable and energetic. A well bred puppy will love human company making it a suitable choice of breed for any home. Shih-poo’s are also known for their longevity and therefore a perfect choice if you have very young children.

Beagles were developed in England as hunting dogs to chase down small prey such as rabbits. A lot has changed since the origin and perfection of the breed. Today, many people still use Beagles to hunt rabbit...but just as many keep this dog breed as a family companion pet.
 Beagles are classified as low shredders, however, there are times when the shed may be heavier. This will happen to a more moderate degree if the dog lives in an area that experiences extreme seasonal temperature changes.
All Beagles have white tip tails, although some have dock tails this goes against AKC breed standard.
While extremely friendly and absolutely wonderful family pets, take caution when around small pets like mice, hamsters and chinchillas as the Beagles hunting instinct may take over.
Beagles are very happy living in small apartments or large sprawling homes, however in small homes your Beagle needs to go for a long brisk walk at least once a day. The Beagle is an indoor dog! Long ago, rabbit hunting Beagles either lived in kennels with other dogs for warmth or slept by the fireplace in their masters home. They do not need to live outside to acclimate to temperatures.

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